Everyone has got a gift. Your gift is you and it’s sacred. It is complete and it is important.


You may have heard that the only way to “succeed” is to work even harder, push through, be a certain way even if it doesn’t feel right. I don’t believe this to be true.

I believe you’ll flourish when you honor your gift. That gift is you. Own your gift, keep it safe, love it, and decide for yourself when to open it and when to keep it closed. I wish for you to honor yourself, with all your strengths, quirks and values that feel deeply authentic. To see how wonderful life is.

It’s all about trusting your intuition

I hope my words and art inspire you to honor your gift more. I want you to hear your intuition and to follow it. Then your life will unfold in front of you, allowing you to live your gifts proudly and happily.

Let me introduce myself…

Hi there, I’m Anna.

Soulful creative and encourager. Lover of intuition and artful expression.

I believe you will be happy and of the most wonderful use for the world when you follow your intuition and curiosity.

Over the years, I followed my intuition and curiosity while starting several small businesses. When I was pregnant of our first son, I quit my job as an editor in Health Psychology and started my own webshop sewing plush animals & bags. I also created a website about healthy and delicious eating. A couple of years later I started an new webshop making plushies out of children’s drawings, which got lots and lots of beautiful orders. I got pregnant of our second son. We moved to another city. Recently I quit my successful webshop because my intuition led me to start this soulful art business called How Wonderful Life Is.

I was following my heart instead of my head.

Me and my two sons and husband live in the Netherlands. I have a Masters in Health Psychology and I have a degree in graphic design. When I am not with my children, drawing, painting, cooking or writing, you can find me enjoying the ‘little’ things of nature like a beautiful sky or a leaf, or listening to a song by Eva Cassidy or Yiruma, reading a good book, learning a new skill or watching a movie like You’ve Got Mail.