I was playing basketball with my 7 year old son yesterday afternoon. After playing for a little while, he threw the ball at me and said: “Here mom, for you!”. I said: “How sweet! When you do something sweet like this, I’ll play better”. And then something clicked in me: […]

I have a superpower

I had this realization: Could it be I grew up surrounded by people with limiting thoughts? Could it be they held me back immensely? And I always mirrored myself to those limited beliefs? Is that why there’s always this feeling of being restricted, wrong and lonely, is that why I […]

Marketing from the heart

Occasionally I write several versions of a blog post, but never feel like it’s good enough. I know why. This happens when I believe I have to convince you, the reader. I switch from heart to head.  And when I do that, I will never be satisfied. I don’t want to […]


Hey lovely, You were born being enough and you damn well knew it. When growing up, there were people telling you how you should act more like this and less like that, you should learn more, be the best at everything. It surprised you and you were resentful. I understand. […]

The secret art of being you: secret 2

Secret 2: How wonderful life is There’s something wonderful in everything. In every person, situation and feeling. It’s easy to see wonder in something that’s beautiful, but how about things you really don’t like or someone who’s making you angry? Yes, there’s something wonderful in that too.

Standing still 5

I can let the boat go its own way – Anna Garssen – This morning this sentence came to my attention: ‘Perfection is the enemy of progress’. I agree that the wish for perfection will only work against you. But when reading the sentence, there was another word that stood […]

Mama je bent lief

Ik wil mama’s laten weten hoe geweldig ze zijn. Elke dag voor je kinderen zorgen is geweldig, maar het vraagt zóveel van je. En mama’s mogen nu weleens in wat extra aandacht krijgen! Daarom start ik project ‘mama je bent lief’.