Leaps of faith

I feel like I’m constantly taking little leaps of faith, because I act so much on my intuition. I don’t consciously choose to do so, it’s just my nature to do what feels right instead of doing what seems right in my logical brain. I’m very grateful to be able […]

Fog area

It feels like walking in a large fog area. There are all sorts of things in the fog I can’t really see clearly, things that represent my conditioning. Thoughts that say I should do this and that and I should be so and so and that isn’t good enough and […]

I am a unicorn, not my broken bike

Think about a frustrating situation. I did. Then I asked myself: Are some situations just frustrating, nothing to do about it? Am I whining about things? Should I put more effort in? When I was feeling frustrated as a child, my parents would say I could do this or that […]

The switch

This morning I felt so frustrated. It was because of this self talk: “People don’t really listen to me. They just don’t care. I’m not important to them. I’m just not good enough”. And that sucks. It made me feel sad, angry, depressed, frustrated and alone. Do you recognize this? […]

You are amazing 1

Do you also feel weird saying you’re amazing? Deep inside you feel it’s the truth, but you won’t admit it. Because when you admit you’re amazing it feels weird, so it must be wrong. People also told you it’s wrong to believe you’re amazing, so it must be wrong. You […]