Hey lovely,

You were born being enough and you damn well knew it. When growing up, there were people telling you how you should act more like this and less like that, you should learn more, be the best at everything. It surprised you and you were resentful. I understand.

Your an adult now, but society keeps telling you that you’re not enough. You should be a better colleague, a better mom, you should market yourself better, and so on. It’s making you stressed out, tired, maybe even sick. Nobody told you that you’re enough as you are.

Nobody told you they are telling you a story that isn’t true.

You feel you’ve got to change yourself to get approval and appreciation, to feel okay. You forgot that you are good enough, because you’re surrounded by society telling you otherwise. It even feels like you’re arrogant, unjust, disrespectful, naive if you would publicly admit you’re enough. What can I say to help you? What can I say to make you remember? What can I say to stop making it feel unjust?

You are enough, even when you’re feeling not enough.


This may sound weird.

Stop looking at people for getting approval and appreciation. Start looking at nature for approval and appreciation. Trees, the sky, rain, the sun, animals, they will not respond when you tell them you are not enough. When you are practicing a speech in front of a group of trees and you are angry because it doesn’t come out as you wanted, they will not respond. They will not say anything about your presentation. Not if it’s good or bad, not that you have to hurry to finish it, not that you’re too old to struggle with this, not that you should wear different clothes, not that you shouldn’t be so nervous. They have no judgement. Keep bringing your struggle to nature. It will heal you and you will feel enough again.

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