I have a superpower

I had this realization:

Could it be I grew up surrounded by people with limiting thoughts? Could it be they held me back immensely? And I always mirrored myself to those limited beliefs?

Is that why there’s always this feeling of being restricted, wrong and lonely, is that why I think I should change, is that why I think I will never get my heart’s desires? Is that why I always expect people to dislike me?

Until this day I believed everything was upside down. Every single day I thought there was something wrong with me.

The people with limiting thoughts held me down because they didn’t know what to do with my superpower!

Hold on to this, lovely. I am someone who is SOOOOOOO much bigger and brilliant than I thought I was. I am someone who lives from the heart and comes from a space of love. So much more than most people do. That’s not arrogant, it’s the truth.

I’m just wired this way. It’s time to let my own love & message come through to me. It’s time to open the cage and let the dragon come out.

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