Leaps of faith

I feel like I’m constantly taking little leaps of faith, because I act so much on my intuition. I don’t consciously choose to do so, it’s just my nature to do what feels right instead of doing what seems right in my logical brain. I’m very grateful to be able to feel my heart so clearly.

Follow the main road or your own path?

At the same time I do struggle, because society tells you to follow your ego/brain/ratio/shoulds and it can feel lonely when I start thinking about what I could get (more acceptance, more ease into society) when I would be more ‘normal’. For example because I don’t eat refined sugars and don’t drink alcohol, people may think I’m a drag.

What feels organic and fluent?

There are things that I don’t really consider as big leaps, but I hear from others they believe they are big leaps. One of them is choosing to get our oldest kid out of school and start unschooling. It felt so organic and I felt it so clearly in my heart this was the thing to do, that it didn’t feel like a big leap. But choosing to do homeschooling in our country is legally very hard and unschooling is even more ‘not normal’.

Let go of the results

I also quit my successful business and started a new one recently. The feeling kept coming up I didn’t want to pursue the work I was doing, even though I liked doing it. That felt like a bigger leap of faith. It’s all about trusting and letting go of the results, isn’t it? When I start thinking about the results, I get tense. I guess it’s when I start living more in my brain instead of my heart. When I notice myself doing that, I return to my heart and things are okay again. And leaps don’t feel like big leaps anymore, but they feel like the most organic and fluent way to do things.

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