Marketing from the heart

Occasionally I write several versions of a blog post, but never feel like it’s good enough. I know why. This happens when I believe I have to convince you, the reader. I switch from heart to head.  And when I do that, I will never be satisfied.

I don’t want to convince you. I just want to share what I have learned because it may help you.



I made you dinner

It’s like I made you dinner. You can eat it when you’re hungry and consider the ingredients to be delightful.
I would like you to know that I’ve made dinner, so you can choose to eat it or not. Hence, I make a beautiful sign announcing my food and I spread the word.  I would present my food at dinner time. When you arrive at my dinner table, I’m excited to tell you about the delicious and healthy ingredients I’ve used and how I believe you deserve a good meal. I’ll tell you how much I enjoyed making it. It would be wonderful when you feel at home, love the food and the story behind it.

Work together

In order to make more of this wonderful food, we need to work together. I need ingredients and materials. Everyone and everything in this world is made to work together. Some projects don’t work out. Just as some seeds are planted, but don’t grow. Other seeds grow immediately when they’re given some water. It’s not me to decide which projects grow. I just plant the seed, or make the dinner, or write a blog post. And share it.

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