I am amazing. So are you. It scares little-me to write this down. Can you relate to the following questions? Who am I to say this to you and to myself? Who am I to believe I am amazing? What will they say about this? Will they laugh at me? […]

Today you are allowed to be amazing

Do you also feel weird saying you’re amazing? Deep inside you feel it’s the truth, but you won’t admit it. Because when you admit you’re amazing it feels weird, so it must be wrong. People also told you it’s wrong to believe you’re amazing, so it must be wrong. You […]

You are amazing

Are you like me and constantly trying so much? Trying to be enough, to be nice, fierce, beautiful, better, not scared, to be very Zen, to get appreciation, to get more sales? Do you know you really don’t need to do this? That you’re totally enough already? Did you know […]

Stop trying

I can go do my work and shine my light. I can fill myself up with me. I can stay with my own truth. Save Save

fill myself up with me

I had the most wonderful cat with the most beautiful soul. She came from the shelter and was so so scared. I let her be. I loved every part of her, scared or brave, happy or sad. I totally trusted that she could be everything she wanted to be. That […]

Stop pushing. Start loving.