Standing still 5

I can let the boat go its own way
– Anna Garssen –

This morning this sentence came to my attention: ‘Perfection is the enemy of progress’. I agree that the wish for perfection will only work against you. But when reading the sentence, there was another word that stood out for me: progress. There’s an organic way everything blossoms and grows, but I believe it isn’t good for us when we keep pushing growth. The result is pressure and stress. It’s not natural and it will end up with us bouncing against walls. The ego loves progress, but it doesn’t make your real self happy.

Your real self believes the here and now is enough. It’s okay to stand still and enjoy.

When you allow yourself to stand still and to enjoy, natural grow and blossoming will occur by itself.

Does it have to be different, better, more?

The concept of people having to take care of progress all the time oppresses me. I know this feeling from my childhood. You have to do better on your test, if you don’t feel like doing this make yourself do it anyway, you have to be more polite to others. Just like other things you ‘should’ do, you should pretend you’re very confident when trying to get a job, you should think hard before you write an article, and so on. This pulls all the joy out of the situation, doesn’t it? Am I not good enough at this moment? I am who I am. Why should it be any different?


The message we get from society is that when we don’t push towards progress, everything collapses. So be wise and do not listen to your heart. It’s very cute and nice that whole heart-thing, but it won’t get you anywhere. The story that says you should take care of progress, is a fear you’re talked into. It isn’t good enough now, but when you do this and that it will be all right. And when you actually do that stuff, they’ll come up with another thing that you have to do to make things better. Just like the commercials: your laundry doesn’t get clean enough now, but when you use this laundry detergent it will be perfectly clean.


I know what’s true for me. I know I can trust. That I don’t have to steer, that I can let the boat go its own way. I know I can lean back and enjoy the here and now.

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