I was playing basketball with my 7 year old son yesterday afternoon. After playing for a little while, he threw the ball at me and said: “Here mom, for you!”. I said: “How sweet! When you do something sweet like this, I’ll play better”. And then something clicked in me: when you are loving towards others, they will perform better. I really believe this to be true.

When you’re less loving to others, they will perform worse and you will be a better competitor. So, when you hunt for more money, fans, status, you’ll take care of that by giving less love. Lots of people do this. And people living in this rich society use this technique for almost everything. Because we feel like we must compete all the time.

And this makes me growl

We forgot that when we are sweet, we help each other to play better, to feel better and it makes us more capable of engaging our own power.

We are continually competing


We started to believe that being more, having more than others is how we get happy
We forgot that we would be happy when we are loving towards each other
We started to believe that we would be happy if we are more, better, and greater
We forgot that we would be happy when we aren’t concerned about more or less, better or worse, good and bad


It makes me sad
It makes me angry
I want to tell people how I see it, but they won’t listen

But maybe it doesn’t matter
Maybe I’m meant to let my dragon out of her cage. That I let her spit fire, as much as she likes.
That I allow this
That I’m here to spit fire
That I’m not here to worry about who listens
I’m here to joyfully spit my fire. And I WILL take this seriously. Very seriously.
I have to and want to take it seriously. This is very important to me.

I shine my light. Just like the sun.
I don’t worry about what others think. That would hold me back. I would hold back my fire so it won’t burn you. And I don’t want to hold back. So I take all the space I need.

Step aside if you’re afraid my flames are too strong for you. That my light is too bright.

I won’t step aside anymore.

We live to share love. I share my love. I share my love with these words. My fire, my light is my love.
It can be very fierce and intense. That’s why I held back, until now. I’ve got no idea what will come out. But I will be furious, I will scream if I need to. I won’t hold back anymore. I will let my words come out and see what happens. I won’t step aside.

Yes. I feel criticism coming. The grinning, the ignoring, the belittling.
I’m no child anymore. I can choose now to throw my bike into the grass and sit next to it instead of driving with the group when I don’t want to anymore.

Egoistic? Arrogant? Einzelganger? No.
I’m certainly not.

I’m someone with tons of love. I want to give love. And I give love by stepping of my bike.
I’m not giving love when I drive along and don’t want to. Even when the others want me to go with them. Even when the others think I’m totally annoying because now they have to wait for me. Even when others say it’s stupid that I take a break without taking into account what others want (of course I did that). When I step off of my bike, I’m being sweet to others because I’m showing them they are allowed to be themselves. They don’t have to go along with the group if they don’t want to. We don’t need your ability to blend in.

The world needs your own power.

By giving love, others can engage their power more.
And your power is what the world needs
We don’t need you to get more money, a higher status, more followers. It won’t give you more happiness. We want you to feel happy in your core.

You are happy in your core when you give love.

And no. You will not come short. Love isn’t a savings account that will empty out when you spend too much.
Isn’t that cool? Love is endless and infinite.

Love isn’t tangible. Not tangible like money and stuff. Not quantifiable.
And why should we give love when others don’t give it back?
When you’re being too sweet, you don’t take care of yourself. That’s something lots of people believe, but it’s totaly insane, actually.

People told me I was too sweet.
Too sweet, too shy, too quiet, too sturdy, too much in the background, too scared and too insecure.
Damn it! F*** it!

I just cared too much! I thought they would be loving.
But there I was in a classroom filled with 32 kids and 1 teacher.
Make sure you hold your head above the water.

Why don’t we take care of each other? Why don’t we do this together? Why don’t we share? Why, all of a sudden, don’t I get love anymore? Why can’t I be me anymore?

It makes me angry. Furious! What are we doing??!
I am a swans mother, a growling lioness, a fire breathing dragon.
Children don’t judge. They don’t care whether you have 1 eye or 36 of them. They don’t care what’s in your savings account. What they do is have fun, experience, love. CONNECTION.

Nature exists because of connection. When things in nature don’t work together, it’ll go wrong. It’s wrong.
People mess up nature. It’s going wrong
People mess up each other. It’s going wrong.

Connect in love. Work TOGETHER. Not alone.
You don’t work for yourself
You are part of the whole
Throw someone else the ball
Notice how nice it feels when you give without expecting anything back in return. To work together. To connect in love.

Say hi to everyone you see in the supermarket instead of staring with a cranky face, busy busy busy with your worries.
Let your ego be.
For once take the effort to listen to someone
For once take the effort to listen to me
They didn’t listen when I was in school. Because I was too shy.
Do something about it. They would say. Save yourself.
When I’m in the water drowning I CAN’T save myself, people!
I need you
I need your loving connection
I don’t need someone saying I should work harder
Because I am
I’m drowning. You idiot

We need you
We need your loving connection
Without you wanting anything back in return.

Just be sweet once in a while.

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