Today you are allowed to be amazing 2

I am amazing. So are you.

It scares little-me to write this down. Can you relate to the following questions? Who am I to say this to you and to myself? Who am I to believe I am amazing? What will they say about this? Will they laugh at me? Isn’t this childish, extreme, too much? Egoistic? All of these questions are great reasons to write this quote ‘I am amazing’ down and share it. Because it’s not childish, extreme, too much or egoistic at all.

But oooh… it’s still scary to admit it…my mind is growling at me.

Why is it scary to say ‘i am amazing’?

Because it’s little-you talking. Little-you is the one that wants to stay small and hide. It doesn’t feel safe to show itself, afraid to fail and get hurt, not believing you are amazing. Everyone has a little-me, but we’ve also got a self-loving me. And that’s the one that will get you to be your amazing self. Little-me is waiting for self-loving me. It wants and needs help. So let’s help little-you. All right?!

Let me tell you how

Are there situations where little-you feels unsafe and scared? You want to hide under the covers, like you’re safe and well in the womb again?

At those situations, be gentle with yourself.  Say to yourself: “I love you, I am here”. Stay with yourself. See how your scared self starts feeling safe because you’re there for her. When she’s ready, let her come out and explore the world.





You matter

A few days ago self-loving new me and little-me got in a little fight. The new me won when she spoke these magic words: “There’s nothing you can do, you’ll always matter”.

I think these words must be at every doorway.


Be your own best friend

Since I let self-loving me take care of little-me, I have been feeling so much stronger inside. And it acts out in the external world.

But it can be overwhelming to fully be myself. Especially after taking a leap. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t feel familiar to live my own truth. It’s more familiar for me to stay small, to be little-me.

So when I feel overwhelmed or scared,self-love me comes to help little-me. I make sure I’m my own best friend.

Then I can walk further on my beautiful path I hope you will do the same.

Remember today? When everything started to happen for you?

When you suddenly started to see there’s so much love and fun everywhere? When you started doing what you really love? When you started to create those beautiful amazing things?!

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2 thoughts on “Today you are allowed to be amazing

    • Anna Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing. It touches my heart to know you will love yourself more and take little-you by the hand. I am sending you lots of love as well.