When you really want something

How do you react when you want something from your heart, but you don’t seem to be able to go there?

Do you try even harder?

Do you quit?

Do you cry or scream?

Do you ask for help?


What about this:

Do nothing

Don’t search for solutions

Don’t look ways to get there

When you are trying, searching for answers, when you quit en feel depressed, angry or whatever. You put energy into it, right? Let that energy flow back to you instead of towards the thing you want.

I don’t say that you deny what you feel your heart needs. I say stay with your heart. Like you would just sit with someone, listen to them, give them a hug, or do nothing but just to be there in the room with that person without doing things that distract you. Try that instead of working your butt off to get what you want. It will give you so much more.

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